Hanna Stelzel appointed Director Containers at Port of Rotterdam Authority

31 January 2024
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As of 1 March, Hanna Stelzel will take on the role of Director Containers within the Commercial department of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and is responsible for all activities within the container chain at sea, in the port and in the hinterland.

Stelzel is the successor to Hans Nagtegaal. Stelzel has a background in the German automotive industry, logistics and digitalisation. She has worked at the Port of Rotterdam Authority since 2018 and has held various positions in which she made many successful contributions with regard to improving efficiency in the supply chain. In her new role, Stelzel will focus on ensuring the efficient and sustainable handling of containers throughout the supply chain operating via Rotterdam.

Hanna Stelzel
Hanna Stelzel

In order to further strengthen the position of the port of Rotterdam as a container hub, not only the capacity and efficiency of the container terminals need to be assessed, but also those of the entire container chain. To be able to handle an increase of an additional 8 million TEU by 2035 in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, a seamless integration of sea and hinterland is required and the connections between the port and hinterland must be made more efficient. In addition, cooperating with parties in the market is crucial for the optimisation of the digital infrastructure. This ambition demands that parties share information and collaborate in the interest of the port of Rotterdam.

Matthijs van Doorn, Vice President Commercial at the Port of Rotterdam Authority: “Container throughput will continue to grow in the coming decades. Rotterdam has made early investments into the expansion of the capacity in the port and will facilitate this growth in a sustainable and efficient manner, including into the hinterland. With her extensive experience in digital process optimisation and hinterland logistics, Hanna is the right person to help us realise these ambitions and continue to build towards a future-proof and balanced logistics system.”