Port Authority enters into maintenance contract with Shipyard Rotterdam

31 March 2021
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Wednesday, 31 March: The Port of Rotterdam Authority signed an agreement with Shipyard Rotterdam B.V. today regarding the maintenance of the Port Authority’s complete fleet. The contracted activities will be executed at the Port Authority’s facility at Eemhavenweg 14 in Rotterdam-Heijplaat. The agreement concerns a total of 16 vessels, including 7 incident response vessels – patrol boats with on-board fire-fighting capacity – and Nieuwe Maze, a catamaran which serves as the Port Authority’s representation ship. The contract has a three-year term, which can be extended by a maximum of eight years.

RPA patrol boat

‘This successfully caps off the transition at our shipyard, from handling all maintenance activities in-house, with our own technicians and technical department, to the integrated outsourcing of said activities. This shift is in line with the Port Authority’s policy of contracting specialised third parties to execute activities that are not part of our core tasks. We are very pleased that Shipyard Rotterdam will be handling maintenance on our behalf. This shipyard is associated with KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen, better known to the public as the 'Roeiers' ('Linesmen'). They are a longstanding and reliable partner in our port,’ says Port Authority COO Boudewijn Siemons. The outsourced maintenance responsibilities also include duty and on-call services at the shipyard. The Port Authority’s Harbour Master division works 24/7 to guarantee safety on and around the port’s waters. This division therefore also has to be assured of efficient maintenance any hour of the day.

The private limited liability company Shipyard Rotterdam B.V. is associated with KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen and ShoreTension B.V. Formerly named Merwelands Jachtbouw Rotterdam BV, the facility has already served for years at KRVE’s preferred shipyard. Shipyard Rotterdam has its registered office at Heijplaatweg 7, Rotterdam-Heijplaat. ‘The professionals of Shipyard Rotterdam B.V. attach strong importance to quality and strong service. We are an exceptionally flexible shipyard that can handle all disciplines in house and are happy to think along with the client. We stand by to support our clients 24/7,’ says Managing Director Chiel Redelijk.