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Theemswegtracé (TWT) arch bridge to be installed over Whitsun weekend

25 May 2020
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Following the installation of the bridge across Rozenburgsesluis in early April, the second steel arch bridge for the Theemswegtracé railway line will shortly also be installed on location – during Whitsun, to be precise. This job promises to be a bit more complicated.

Artist impression of Theemswegtrailway Thomassenbrug

The bridge, of which the steel structure alone weighs in at 4,100 tonnes, is 269 m long and 13.7 m wide and stands 28 m tall. It will be spanning both the N15 motorway and the Thomassentunnel. It will start its journey to its definite location on Saturday, 30 May, around 1 p.m. The operation will continue through Saturday, into the night.

Local road traffic, cyclists, moped drivers and bus passengers can expect detours during the duration of this operation. The Port Authority advices port aficionados to stay home and watch the transit online. Both Caland Bridge and the surrounding area will be closed to the public.

Once again, the entire operation will be recorded by two webcams, so those interested can follow it online via the project website The site will also present a photo reportage of the operation, as well as further details on the technical ins and outs. Once the bridge is in place, the site will also be updated to include a time lapse and video reportage.

Area closed to the public

In the interest of our joint safety, the area around the project site will be closed to the public during the operation. This measure has not only been taken on account of the Covid-19 outbreak, but also to ensure that the structure can be safely transported to its final location – which actually lies in the heart of Rotterdam’s petrochemical cluster.

Disruption to traffic

Various roads around Caland Bridge will be closed for traffic during the operation. Caland Bridge and the N15 motorway will be closed to motor vehicles from Friday evening, 29 May, 9 p.m. to Monday morning, 1 June, 5 a.m. On Saturday evening, 30 May, the Thomassentunnel/A15 motorway will also be closed from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. for monitoring activities in the tunnel. These measures are intended to ensure that the operation proceeds safely and smoothly – so the surrounding area can be re-opened as soon as possible.

You are advised to stay away from this area throughout this operation.

People who are required to travel in the area during this period are advised to check the current situation and possible route recommendations at


The Port of Rotterdam attaches strong importance to accessibility and solid connections with the hinterland. Both by road, rail and water. That is why the Port of Rotterdam Authority is jointly investing in the Theemswegtracé, together with the Dutch state and the European Union. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is coordinating and realising the project in partnership with ProRail and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Involving an investment of €300 million, the Theemswegtracé presents a solution for potential issues with the Caland Bridge near Rozenburg. This steel vertical-lift bridge for railway and road traffic is part of the Betuwe Route and links Rotterdam’s port area with the European hinterland. For sea-going vessels, the vertical-lift bridge forms the gateway to Brittanniëhaven. ‘The Theemswegtracé is in line with the Port Authority’s policy to increase the sustainability of Rotterdam’s connections with the hinterland and raise efficiency in rail, road and shipping traffic. In view of the expected growth in rail freight transport and the increase in shipping movements to and from Brittanniëhaven, the Port Authority believes that rail transport could run into a capacity bottleneck. The construction of the Theemswegtracé effectively resolves this bottleneck,” says Port Authority COO Ronald Paul.

Building consortium

The SaVe building consortium, formed by BESIX, Dura Vermeer, Mobilis, Hollandia and Iemants, was commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority to build the substructure for the Theemswegtracé, a railway route of over 4 km that incorporates a concrete overpass and two steel arch bridges.


Naturally, work on the Theemswegtracé is consistently executed in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The safety and health of our staff and contractors remain our number one priority.