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Vessels participating in Nextlogic spend 20% less time in port

22 February 2024
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Integrated planning for handling inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam has now been used for over a year. Nextlogic continuously optimises the planning together with the participants. This ensures greater peace of mind, higher handling reliability and shorter port waiting times.

Terminals can make better use of their quays and cranes through Nextlogic. Barge operators spend less time on their planning and participating vessels spend as much as 20% less time on average.

In 2023 1 million container moves were processed via Nextlogic. In the first month of 2024, R.B.C. (terminal), Cetem (depot),  BTT Multimodal Container Services and Felicitas (both barge operators) joined up. Almost two-thirds of the total volume of inland shipping in the Rotterdam port currently goes through integrated planning.