Delay in supply and demand of products

7 February 2023
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You can ask transport companies to place deliveries elsewhere (on higher ground) or to deliver later. You can also ask clients to pick up consignments earlier.

• Applicable to products, goods, factories and installations;
• Crisis management;
• Temporary measure;
• Small investment;
• Prevents economic damage;
• Applicable at all flood depths.

Delay in supply and demand of products

The aim is to reduce stocks of products at a flood-prone location to a minimum in the event of a flood in order to reduce damage (economic and otherwise) for the company and its clients. In this way, all the parties involved can resume business operations faster after a flood.

With this measure, it is important for the sites to still be easily accessible. Take steps to ensure that driver safety is not compromised.

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You can take these measures to improve your flood protection. The focus here is on generic descriptions of the measures in question. If you have questions about applying the measures on your site, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team.

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