Install pumps

7 February 2023
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By installing pumps in basements or at strategic locations on the site, you can pump out water as quickly as possible after a flood. This limits the length of time during which assets are exposed to water. Moreover, pumping the water away allows you to start recovery operations sooner.

• Applicable to land, buildings, factories and installations;
• Crisis management;
• Temporary measure;
• Small investment;
• Prevents economic damage;
• Applicable at all flood depths.

Install pumps

It is important to be in a position to pump away water after a flood if the water does not drain away itself. Here, you should make sure that electrical components are located in places where they will still be operational after a flood.

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You can take these measures to improve your flood protection. The focus here is on generic descriptions of the measures in question. If you have questions about applying the measures on your site, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team.

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