Emptying waste water treatment plants

7 February 2023
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Emptying the basins of waste water treatment plants ensures that untreated sewage will not get mixed with the surface water during a flood. That means it cannot be spread around the area and this measure reduces the probability of environmental damage.

  • Applicable to utilities;
  • Crisis management;
  • Temporary measure;
  • Substantial investment;
  • Prevents environmental damage;
  • Applicable at all flood depths.
Emptying waste water treatment plants

Untreated water or water that has not been fully treated should not be allowed to enter rivers because it can cause serious environmental damage or disease. In the case of a flood threat, you can shut down the intake of waste water to empty the basins and tanks in a waste water treatment plant. In most cases, treating waste water takes several days. So the basins can be emptied only when there is an early warning about potential flooding.

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