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Nautical services

11 May 2021
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The Harbour Master, pilots, tugs and linesmen in the Port of Rotterdam work in close cooperation to ensure that the maximum size vessels are berthed at the quay in no time. An overview of the nautical service providers in the Port of Rotterdam.

Pilots boarding a ship


The pilots from the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Pilotage Service have a thorough knowledge of the port and can navigate all vessels safely and efficiently through the port in all conditions 24/7. Read the Port Information Guide for more information for captains regarding the pilotage requirement and exemption from the pilotage requirement.

Download the necessary forms

  • requesting pilotage requirement register for small sea-going vessels
  • exemption and waiver of the pilotage requirement

Towage services

Towing services provide assistance for berthing and unberthing, manoeuvring in the port and the shifting of large vessels or offshore objects.

The three companies together operate some 40 tugboats.

KRVE: berthing and unberthing of sea-going vessels

The linesmen from the Royal Dutch Boatmen’s Association (KRVE) are the experts regarding berthing, unberthing and shifting of sea-going vessels. Using modern punts, tenders and portable winches, they secure every vessel at the quays in all weather conditions, 24/7. Tankers and sea-going vessels longer than 75 metres are required to use these services. The linesmen are distributed across 13 locations in the Rotterdam port area.