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Visitor information

11 May 2021
How can we help you?

Do you have an appointment at the Port Authority? An employee of the Port Authority can reserve a parking space for you. You are always required to identify yourself when visiting.

Parking in the World Port Center (WPC)

  • Until 15:00, please do not take the lane 'Bezoekers' ('Visitors') at the car park, but the lane 'Abonnementen' ('Season Ticket Holders').
  • After 15:00, please take the rightmost entrance.
  • This also applies if either of them indicates ‘vol’ (no free parking spaces).

Please press the intercom button and state your name and company name. After checking your reservation, the car park attendant will provide a parking ticket. You can also use this ticket to leave the car park. Take the ticket, after which the barrier will open so you can enter the car park. You are allowed to park only in the reserved parking spaces stating ‘bezoekers HbR’ ('PoR visitors’) immediately to the right in the multi-storey car park.

In the hall of the WPC, please report to the WPC reception desk and state your destination. Please note that you will be asked for a valid identification at the desk.

Visitor's pass

You will receive a visitor’s pass, which will allow you to take the lift to the correct floor (the right-side lifts for floors 1-17, the left-side lifts for floors 17-30).

When leaving, hand in your visitor’s pass at the WPC reception desk. You now have 30 minutes to leave the car park free of charge. If you leave the car park by car after 30 minutes, you will need to pay at the ticket machine.

Please note! Unfortunately, we are unable to always guarantee that a reserved parking space will be available at the moment you arrive. It is possible that all parking spaces for visitors are occupied, so you might have to park outside the car park. Port of Rotterdam Authority does not cover the costs.

Parking outside the World Port Center

You can park in the public parking lots of the Wilhelmina Pier. Paid parking applies from Monday-Saturday, 09:00-23:00 hours and on Sunday, 12:00-23:00 hours.