Enclosing products, assets and utilities

9 February 2023
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With defences to keep out water, you can protect vulnerable products, utilities and other assets that are on or below the surface.

  • Applicable to utilities, products, factories and installations;
  • Spatial adaptation;
  • Permanent and temporary measure;
  • Small investment;
  • Prevents economic damage;
  • Applicable at flood depths up to approx. 100 cm.
Enclosing products, assets and utilities

The defence may consist of partitions placed permanently around the asset that include watertight shutters or doors which you close if there is a flood alert. These defences are local and small-scale. Installing them requires a limited effort. Because they primarily protect valuable assets, they will normally be cost-effective.

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You can take these measures to improve your flood protection. The focus here is on generic descriptions of the measures in question. If you have questions about applying the measures on your site, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team.

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