Protecting land with dikes

9 February 2023
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Dikes reduce the risk of flooding.

  • Applicable to land;
  • Preventive measure;
  • Permanent measure;
  • Major investment;
  • Prevents economic and environmental damage, and casualties;
  • Applicable at all flood depths.
Protecting land with dikes

You can build a dike around one or more sites. This reduces the total length of the dike and therefore the costs.

Because of the relatively large investment, this measure is particularly suitable for sites with a large economic value and/or a high probability of flooding.

If transport considerations (access roads or rail access, for example) require openings in the dike, systems will be required to close those openings.

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You can take these measures to improve your flood protection. The focus here is on generic descriptions of the measures in question. If you have questions about applying the measures on your site, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team.

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