Reinforcement storage tank dikes

9 February 2023
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Many storage tanks have a liquid containment device that, in the event of a leak or similar emergency, ensures that the contents of the tank do not spread further.

In many cases, this consists of a dike. However, it may also be an engineering structure. These dikes are often designed to contain liquids from inside. They are hardly ever designed to keep out water from the outside. A tank dike can be reinforced so that it can also keep water out in the event of a flood. This protects the tanks and reduces the impact of flooding (and particularly the risk of economic and environmental damage).

  • Applicable to land and storage tanks;
  • Spatial adaptation;
  • Permanent measure;
  • Substantial investment;
  • Prevents economic and environmental damage;
  • Applicable at flood depths starting at approx. 50 cm.
Reinforcement storage tank dikes

Many tanks are located behind individual or shared dikes that can cope with any leakage from the storage tank in the event of an emergency. These dikes separate the storage tank from the surrounding area or an adjacent storage tank.

You can also use these dikes to keep out flood water. This ensures that the storage tanks will not be submerged or floated. The dike may sometimes not be strong or high enough. In order to serve effectively as a flood defence, dikes need to be strengthened and/or raised on the outside.

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