Sealing off openings

9 February 2023
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There are a range of openings in the outer walls of buildings through which water can enter. Sealing them off with flood panels, flood doors or stop logs reduces the probability of water entering the building.

  • Applicable to buildings, factories and installations;
  • Spatial adaptation;
  • Permanent and temporary measure;
  • Small investment;
  • Prevents economic damage;
  • Applicable at all flood depths.
Sealing off openings

Gratings, shutters, windows, doors and loading docks are examples of openings that make a building susceptible to flooding. Loading bays are often lowered, and so they can flood easily.

Larger openings such as windows and doors, can be sealed off with flood panels, flood doors and stop logs. Gratings and shutters can be sealed with steel or rubber sheets, for example. In addition, positioning openings in elevated locations (above the possible flood depth) is very effective. Sealing off openings when there is a flood threat is a simple temporary measure.

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