Waterproofing buildings and assets

9 February 2023
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By building with waterproof materials, such as waterproof concrete or a waterproof membrane, you can make buildings and assets waterproof. This amounts to ‘dryproofing’ things like foundations, the first floor and possibly the walls, stopping water from entering the building during a flood.

  • Applicable to buildings, factories and installations;
  • Spatial adaptation;
  • Permanent measure;
  • Substantial investment;
  • Prevents economic damage;
  • Applicable at flood depths up to approx. 100 cm.
Waterproofing buildings and assets

A membrane or sealing strip stops water entering through gaps. Impregnating walls or using flood panels or vertical lift doors also helps to keep out water. These measures are also effective in terms of preventing problems with excess water during extreme rainfall events.

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You can take these measures to improve your flood protection. The focus here is on generic descriptions of the measures in question. If you have questions about applying the measures on your site, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team.

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