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Construction of shore-based power on Holland Amerikakade

12 June 2023
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Cruise Port Shore Power is working hard to transition to shore-based power. The project will be realised in the period between summer 2023 and mid-2024. The Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are pursuing a joint strategy and development programme to accelerate and upscale the availability of shore-based power for seagoing vessels.

Shore-based power. It’s a real buzzword in the port, but what does it actually mean? In Rotterdam, we are fully committed to driving greater sustainability in the city and the port.

The goal is, within the next few years, to enable a large percentage of seagoing vessels to ‘plug in’ while they are docked. It will then no longer be necessary to run diesel generators to provide vessels with power while they are at berth.

MS Rotterdam VII arrives at the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam for the first time

Generators switched off

Vessels berthed at quayside mostly run on generators that provide the energy needed on board. Shore-based power makes it possible to reduce emissions by providing vessels with a clean source of energy. This means we can turn off the diesel generators, which is good for air quality. Using shore-based power reduces not only CO2, but also nitrogen and particulate matter emissions. On top of that, noise levels from docked cruise ships also decline significantly. By using shore-based power, Cruise Port Shore Power is one step ahead of European legislation (Fit For 55). This stipulates that all cruise ships in European ports must use shore-based power by 2030.

What is going to happen?

The project is currently in the preparatory phase. Stedin is going to lay the cables for powering the system. This will be followed by the implementation phase: the actual construction of the shore-based power supply. Danish PowerCon A/S, which specialises in installing shore-based power for cruise ports, is going to carry out this work.

When is it going to happen?

To minimise disruption and guarantee the area’s accessibility, the work will be carried out in phases.

Implementation phase

Start 2nd quarter 2023 – 4rd quarter 2024

  • Work by Stedin in public spaces, laying cables - grid connection
  • Work on quay wall: realisation of cable management system
  • Work in the Cruise Terminal (technical area)

Test phase

Start 4rd quarter 2024

  • Parts of the shore-based power system are tested
  • Partial testing of installation with a few vessels


Beginning of 4rd quarter 2024


Completion of the system and connecting the first vessel to shore-based power

Co-funded by the European Union
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