Drone flight area request

UAV Operator Flight Area Request Form

During the first stage of the U-Space Airspace Prototype at Maasvlakte/Europoort (area outside CTR), we enable manual request submission for drone operators who haven’t started working with a UAV Operating System (therefore can’t implement the SDK/APIs at this stage).

This form enables submission request for a predefined flight area and time where an organization has an intention to fly during UDP.

Once this form is submitted, Port of Rotterdam Airspace Managers will:

  1. Review and insert the requested area to the UTM system, verifying priorities.
  2. If the requested area was found to be valid, it will be confirmed by an email message during working hours; Monday - Friday 9:00-17:00.
  3. If a higher priority operation will be sent before or after confirmation, the confirmation may be cancelled.
  4. The Airspace Managers will check on the basis of your OA whether the flight request fits within your ILT permit.


Operation liability remains with the UAV operator including the responsibility for proximity and safety distances between drones, with manned traffic, vessels and infrastructure.

All details provided in the form will be handled only for the purpose of the U-Space Airspace Prototype, with discretion and in line with our privacy statement. All details will be deleted at the end of the 2-year prototype period.

Thank you for your cooperation,
VLL Airspace Centre
Port of Rotterdam Authority

UAV Operator information
Drone's Pilot In Command information
If this is your first request, please upload your Operational Authorization or LUC.
One file only. | 10 MB limit. | Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, gif.
Requested date and time information

Please specify date, start and end time of your operation.

Please specify starting time of your operations
Please specify planned end time of your operations
In case of multiple day operations on the same location.

Requested area information
Indication of the area that you will be using (f.i. Yangtzekanaal, Maasvlakte RWG, Europoort BP/Dintelhaven)

Please enter up to 10 vertices (first 3 are required) - last vertex will be connected to the first one, creating a polygon.

Lat. , Long. format (i.e: Rotterdam The Hague Airport landmark is: 51.95657 , 4.43987)


Specify location, x/y coordinates, in case you use a public area for take off and landing.
Any further information that may be of interest.