Also become photographer of the month?

If you would like to compete for the title of Photographer of the Month, please submit your best photo using the form below. Each entrant may submit a maximum of nine photos per month. Even if your photo has not been chosen as the most beautiful, you can come across your photo in a publication initiated by the Port Authority!

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The port of Rotterdam is photogenic in all its diversity. From beautiful views, to innovative developments and from surprising nature to the most impressive ships. Whoever manages to portray the harbor best will be the Photographer of the Month. Every month the editors choose the best, most beautiful or nicest photo. The winning photographer will receive a nice gift.

Pay attention to your own safety when shooting. Observe all (traffic) guidelines for this. Parts of the port area are also off limits for visitors. Photos suspected of not being taken from a public place will not be considered for entry into the competition and will not be posted. The same applies to photos on which personal information is visible. By submitting your photo you give permission for (free of charge) use in publications of or initiated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Your name as photographer will of course be mentioned if possible. With your submission(s) you agree to the processing of your personal data. These are only used for attribution when publishing your photo(s) and any correspondence about the photo contest.