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The port of Rotterdam offers various facilities for inland navigation: car landing berths, drinking water taps, parking and waste facilities, wifi and shore power.

Car landing berths

Would you like to load or land a car? In the port of Rotterdam, you can do this at the following locations:

  • Schaardijk, oeverfrontnummer 115
  • Buitenhaven (Vlaardingen), oeverfrontnummer 657
  • Maashaven, oeverfrontnummer 1305 en oeverfrontnummer 1371
  • Waalhaven, oeverfrontnummer 2243
  • 3e Petroleumhaven, oeverfrontnummer 4032
  • Botlek, oeverfrontnummer 4210
  • Calandkanaal, oeverfrontnummer 5711
  • Pionierkade, oeverfrontnummer 6100
  • Hartelhaven, oeverfrontnummer 7104
  • Pr. Margriethaven, oeverfrontnummer 8362
  • Albatroskade, oeverfrontnummer 2604

The locations on the Schaardijk, Waalhaven and Pionierkade are available to ships marked with one blue cone. The locations Hartelhaven, 3rd Petroleumhaven and Calandkanaal are available to ships marked with two blue cones.

Pilot with segregated waste from inland vessels

On Monday, 3 July, the Port Authority will start the pilot for segregated waste collection for glass and paper fractions. A glass container and a paper container will be placed for a period of six months at three locations in the port area where inland vessels frequently berth. During these months, we will monitor the quantity and quality (purity of the fraction) of the segregated waste. Based on the outcome of this pilot, a decision will be made regarding the follow-up.

More sustainable port

The pilot contributes to making the port more sustainable. This waste segregation pilot aims to ensure waste can be recycled in a higher quality. This saves resources and energy and reduces CO2 emissions (less incineration of residual waste).

The locations are:
  • Elbeweg Quay (Rob de Pionier / Joint Fire Brigade)
  • Rozenburg Lock (west side)
  • Schaardijk / Alphatron
Kaart haven met locatie kade Elbeweg, Rozenburgsesluis en Map port with location quay Elbeweg, Rozenburg lock and Scharedijk/Alphatron


Within the Port Industrial Complex, the waste containers for inland shipping will be replaced by new above-ground waste containers equipped with filling degree sensors and an access control system. With this access control system, these waste containers can only be used by inland shipping. The filling system ensures that the containers are emptied only when really needed. The waste containers also have a new access control system. The waste containers are easy to open with the Connect4Shore app, which already gives skippers access to shore power and drinking water.

The access control system will be activated in early March. There is no charge for depositing the waste.

Shore-based power in the port of Rotterdam

For inland vessels, shore-based power facilities are available in the port. Do you need electricity at public berths? Then you are required to use the shore-based power cabinets.

Shore power on inland waterways Noordereiland

Questions, malfunctions or complaints?

Do you have questions, would you like to report a malfunction or do you have a complaint? Please report it via our complaint form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Failure shore power cabinets

A number of shore power cabinets were out of order. The modems in these shore power cabinets have now been replaced and the cabinets are working properly again. For some shore power cabinets a separate instruction applies. These can be found on: Connect4Shore - Malfunction page. The app shows which shore power cabinets are malfunctioning.

Why shore-based power?

To reduce emissions and noise, a generator ban for inland vessels at public berths is in force in the port of Rotterdam. The use of shore-based power is in line with the policy of the city and the port to ensure economic development and quality of life in the area go hand in hand. The use of shore-based power by inland vessels keeps the air cleaner. It ensures lower emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in the immediate vicinity. It also reduces CO2 emissions. Moreover, the environment does not suffer from the noise of running generators.

Drinking water

Facilities for drinking water intake can be found at the Parksluizen, the Pionierkade and the Schaardijk. You can use Connect4Shore to collect water from the Pionierkade and the Schaardijk.