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11 May 2021
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The Rotterdam saying ‘roll up your sleeves’ may have originated in Rotterdam’s Waal-Eemhaven. This area has the largest port basin excavated by hand, a feat that took place in 1906, and is now home to Europe’s largest shortsea cluster.

Rotterdam also offers the largest network of feeder services with connections to international scheduled services. Combined with the high concentration of shortsea terminals and shortsea service providers, the cluster guarantees fast and reliable freight transport and throughput within Europe.

Mini-series: shortsea stars in the spotlight

Shortsea offers a sustainable and affordable alternative to other modalities. This trilogy spotlights three Rotterdam global players in the sector.

QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam

For part three, we take a look at the terminal at QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam. In their field, they are the biggest player in Europe.

Rotterdams largest shortsea hub

In this part, BG Freight Line, W.E.C. Lines and Samskip discuss the strengths of Rotterdam's largest shortsea hub in the Waal-Eemhaven area.

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals

Part one highlights Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, Europe's largest hub for dedicated shortsea

Why shortsea in Rotterdam?

Short sea cluster in Rotterdam

Europe’s largest shortsea cluster

  • Over 200 connections (see Routescanner
  • 5 terminals 
  • 22 shipping companies 
  • Daily departures within Europe 
Rotterdam's short sea connections

Optimal accessibility

  • Available 24/7 
  • Connections to intermodal rail, road and inland shipping network
  • Direct connection to deep sea scheduled services with over 140 international ports 
RSC Rotterdam in Eemhaven

Complete range of services

  • Cluster of collaborating terminals and service providers 
  • A complete range and combination of shortsea and feeder services 


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