Allard Castelein president of the Port of Rotterdam Authority until summer of 2023

19 October 2021
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The shareholders of the Port of Rotterdam Authority - consisting of the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch State - have appointed Allard Castelein for a third term on the recommendation of the Supervisory Board. Castelein will remain president of the Port of Rotterdam Authority until the summer of 2023, after which he will leave the Port Authority.

Allard Castelein

Miriam Maes, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Port of Rotterdam Authority: “The impact of the corona crisis on the Port Authority, the implementation of the new business strategy and the challenges of a number of important investments in infrastructure, digitisation and energy transition are complex and crucial for the future of the port. Allard Castelein plays an essential role in the realisation of these projects. Over the past eight years, he has shown that his experience, network and capabilities add value to both the Port Authority and the port of Rotterdam. We wish him all the best for the coming years.”

“The port of Rotterdam can make a major contribution to sustainability and the earning capacity of the Netherlands. I’m honoured and excited to continue to implement the strategy we have developed as a Port Authority in the coming period, together with the shareholders, the Supervisory Board, employees, partners and stakeholders,” says Allard Castelein.

Castelein took office as president of the Port of Rotterdam Authority on 1 January 2014.