Black Marlin arrives with 18 hulls for Concordia Damen in Werkendam

09 August 2019
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The Black Marlin will arrive in the Port of Rotterdam this month. This semi-submersible vessel has 18 inland vessel hulls on board and a crane vessel for Damen. The 18 hulls were constructed in China for delivery to Concordia Damen in Werkendam.

The Black Marlin will berth on the Rotterdam/Maasvlakte inland lake, after which Boskalis will submerge the Black Marlin at dolphins 90-91 on Wednesday 14 August. The pontoons carrying the 18 hulls will then be towed to Waalhaven. The hulls will start being unloaded on 20 August; a task that will take seven working days. Bonn en Mees will unload the hulls using three floating sheerlegs.

The Black Marlin sunk for unloading
Black Marlin