ONE Innovation in Rotterdam

12 July 2023
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At 11AM on Tuesday July 11, ONE Innovation arrived at RWG in the port of Rotterdam. It's the second biggest container ship in the world.

Japanese shipping company ONE, keen to highlight the ship's sustainable features, had the ship stowed on the outside with magenta ONE containers for the occasion. The ship is 400 metres long, 61 metres wide and can accommodate 24,136 TEU.

ONE Innovation arrives in Rotterdam
ONE Innovation arrives in Rotterdam (Photo: Ries van Wendel de Joode)

ONE Innovation will remain in the port until Friday, July 14. The ship is best viewed from tour boat FutureLand Ferry.

Biggest container ships in the world

Currently, these are the largest container ships in the world:

1 - MSC Loreto (24,346 TEU)
2 - OOCL Spain (24,188 TEU)
3 - ONE Innovation (24,136 TEU)
4 - MSC Tessa (24,116 TEU)

The container ships are all roughly the same size (400 metres long, 60 to 61.5 metres wide). Stacking the containers differently creates more space on board.

MSC Loreto
MSC Loreto moored at APMT Terminal in May 2023