Pilot project launched for deepening and strengthening quay walls with underwater anchors

30 June 2023
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The pilot for testing and developing installation methods for underwater anchors starts this month in the Seinehaven. The pilot is part of the innovation partnership of the underwater anchor development project.

Using underwater anchors can be an effective way to strengthen and deepen quay walls. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has provided the public docks in the Seinehaven as a location for this. Partners for the development process: High 5 Solutions, Hakkers B.V. and Smet Group Nederland BV will be testing their implementation method here for installing underwater anchors.

Excavator engaged in deepening and reinforcing quay walls with underwater anchors. With Port of Rotterdam, Hakkers and Smet Group logos

Ports are increasingly faced with structures that no longer meet clients’ needs, such as the desire to accommodate deeper-draught ships or surcharge loads.

Sustainable development

Underwater anchors are in line with the Port Authority’s policy to develop the port sustainably. Installing anchors helps to avoid new construction or save material used in projects. Additionally, the installation method has a limited impact on clients’ operational processes.


The Port Authority aims to use the pilot to encourage the development of this technology. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has guided and encouraged suppliers in developing this solution for Rotterdam quay walls over the past three years. And aimed to ensure that, by the end of 2023, the underwater anchors are a widely deployable product in the port of Rotterdam, which could also be used for quay walls in other ports.