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Planned 800-MW Eneco Electrolyser brings the target of 2.5 GW hydrogen production in 2030 closer

20 November 2023
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Eneco has applied for the permit to construct the ‘Eneco Electrolyser’. This 800-MW green hydrogen plant will bring the target of 2.5 GW production of green hydrogen in 2030 in Rotterdam a massive step closer.

Artist impression of the Eneco Electrolyzer. Image: Eneco
Artist impression of the Eneco Electrolyzer. Image: Eneco

The Eneco Electrolyser will use green energy from solar and wind farms to produce the hydrogen. With this hydrogen, which therefore uses no fossil fuel, the industry can make processes and products more sustainable. Currently, the largest European hydrogen plant Holland Hydrogen 1, of 200 MW, is being built at the conversion park on the Maasvlakte. Three comparable projects are planned at that location. The second conversion park on the Maasvlakte is reserved for the winner of the tender of the IJmuiden Ver wind farm, which has space for a hydrogen park of 1,000 MW. At its own site, electricity power plant Uniper has planned a hydrogen plant that could scale up to 500 MW. 

The Eneco Electrolyser will be developed next to the Enecogen power plant in the Europoort with which the hydrogen plant can share connections. The plant will get a capacity of 800 MW. This will enable an annual production of 80 kiloton of hydrogen, depending on the amount of green energy available and the demand for green hydrogen from the industrial sector. Eneco expects to be able to start the construction of the Eneco Electrolyser in 2026. The hydrogen plant is currently scheduled to start operating in 2029.