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Port Railway Line out of action for 144 hours

11 October 2021
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The Port Railway Line will be closed between 2 and 8 November. The project organisation needs this time to put the Theemsweg Route into operation. Freight trains will run on it again from 8 November. The official opening of the Theemsweg Route will take place on 15 November.

Theemswegtracé concrete passsover

During the period that large parts of the Dutch economy were crippled by the corona pandemic, it was business as usual for the Port of Rotterdam. No better example of this can be seen than on the Theemsweg, whose landscape is now dominated by a four-kilometre-long viaduct. If everything goes according to plan during the final month, the new Port Railway Line will be completed on schedule – a remarkable feat given the project’s complexity. The new section of railway is in the Botlek, in the heart of Europe’s largest petrochemical complex.