Port of Rotterdam Authority now manages wet and dry infrastructure in Dordrecht Inland Seaport

25 March 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority has recently become responsible for maintaining the public spaces in Dordrecht Inland Seaport. The Port Authority had already taken over the development, operation and management of the seaport area from the Municipality of Dordrecht in a partnership agreement signed on 1 January 2013.

Public spaces in Dordrecht Inland Seaport

As the management of wet and dry infrastructure is often connected, the Port Authority is expecting the new measure to create more efficient working methods. Moreover, with the Port Authority now managing the entire Rotterdam port and industrial area, the synergy and expertise advantages and benefits for already pending work agreements are substantial.

The new working method also provides clarity for companies, with just one point of contact for the public space. The Port Authority is expecting the new situation to lead to stronger and more flexible management and more satisfied companies in the seaport area.