Smarter tools to help improve water quality

10 December 2021
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During the period ahead, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Water Insight will be examining whether it is possible to map sediment dispersal arising from specific dredging technology. Water Insight has developed its own scanner, the WISP-3, for collecting local measurements.

Water Insight specialises in monitoring and researching water quality. It has expertise both in processing satellite data for large areas and in carrying out in situ optical measurements for detailed insights.

Water Insight was one of the participants of the PortXL 2021 innovation accelerator programme. Together with seven other start-ups and scale-ups from all over the world they took part in this 100-day programme.

PortXL’s intensive programme helps young enterprises to hit the ground running when they enter the market. PortXL was launched in 2015. So far, it has run ten programmes, fast-tracked more than 100 start-ups and scale-ups and facilitated the signing of more than 220 contracts.