Third series of ‘Covid donations’ by port community fund

9 June 2020
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The DeltaPORT Donatiefonds, the port of Rotterdam’s ‘community fund’, has awarded a third series of donations to projects that relate directly to the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak. The fund has earmarked a total of EUR 75,000 for this purpose. Initially, the DeltaPORT Donatiefonds had reserved this amount for an extra donation in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Care home Sonneburgh
Photo: Sonneburgh

Once again, the Donatiefonds has awarded funding to care institutions that plan to do something extra for their clients – in many cases senior citizens – during the present Covid crisis. For example, the fund gave stichting Welzijn Ouderen in Spijkenisse a budget for the rental of materials and a sound system so this foundation can organise ‘balcony gym classes’ for nursing home residents. And stichting Sonneburgh received a contribution for the organisation of an afternoon of old-fashioned Dutch entertainment at the care home Het Havenlicht in Pernis.

Seinpost Slinge in Pendrecht will be supported in making their community centre ‘Covid-proof’. The park playground De Speeldernis in Rotterdam-West was also awarded funding for this purpose. The Careyn care organisation in Zuidland will be using its donation to adapt a golf cart so it can be safely used by the elderly for excursions.

Other recipients include stichting Johanna-de Inloop for the local sourcing of ingredients for vulnerable residents in Hoek van Holland, stichting Pameijer for the organising of extra activities for care home residents in Hoogvliet and stichting TheaterTuin in Voorne for staging ‘window serenades’ for the residents of nursing and care homes in Voorne-Putten.

The DeltaPORT Donatiefonds has also awarded funding to stichting MusicAll in Spijkenisse, allowing the foundation to reschedule cancelled musical performances later on in the year, the Rotterdam ensemble Domestica for an extra programme of ‘Covid-proof’ concerts at Laurenskerk, the Mangrove theatre company in Delfshaven for special performances for younger audiences, the Domingos ballet school in Hoek van Holland for a Covid theme programme for children and Kid Dynamite for a children’s jazz festival at the Walhalla Theatre. Stichting Talentz Skool in Rotterdam will also be supported in providing day care for children from socially vulnerable families on days that they don’t go to school.

The DeltaPORT Donatiefonds was set up exactly 50 years ago this summer. To mark this special anniversary, the fund planned to make an extra, large-figure donation. These funds will now be used for a different purpose. “It is precisely during a crisis like this that we can show our added value as a community fund,” explains fund chair Wim Groenendijk.

Many companies in Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex, including the Port of Rotterdam Authority, are already helping where they can – each in their own way. And the DeltaPORT Donatiefonds doesn’t plan to stand by.

Over the past few weeks, the DeltaPORT Donatiefonds has had the pleasure of supporting numerous ‘Covid-related’ projects. The fund will be reviewing any applications that came in after the last deadline next month.

For 50 years already, companies in Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex have demonstrated their social commitment via the DeltaPORT Donatiefonds. This organisation awards funding support to non-profit institutions that are active in welfare, culture, sports and recreation in the direct vicinity of Rotterdam’s port and industrial area.