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Locations and information buoys and dolphins

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Where can I handle dry or wet bulk? Which buoys and dolphins are suited for the length of my ship? Where is the handling of hazardous goods permitted? Based on the table below you can determine which buoys or dolphins are best suited for your activities.

Via the online booking application KING you can check the availability of the buoys and dolphins in the port of Rotterdam and book immediately.

Buoys and dolphins in the port of Rotterdam

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  • Buoys
  • Dolphins
BerthsLocationDry bulkLiquid bulkMin. LOAMax. LOA
Dolphins 20Waalhavenx75m145m
Dolphins 21Waalhavenx75m130m
Buoys 23Waalhavenx75m165m
Buoys 25Waalhavenx75m150m
Buoys 26Waalhavenx150m255m
Buoys 27Waalhavenx150m230m
Buoys 29Waalhavenx150m255m
Buoys 34Waalhavenx150m230m
Buoys 50Botlekx75m135m
Buoys 51Botlekx75m120m
Buoys 52Botlekx100m183m
Buoys 61Botlekx100m185m
Buoys 62Botlekx150m260m
Dolphins 66Botlekx180m260m
Dolphins 78Europoortxx75m140m
Dolphins 79Europoortxx70m230m
Dolphins 79bEuropoortxx70m160m
Dolphins 80Europoortxx170m380m
Dolphins 82Europoortxx225m360m
Dolphins 83 - EastEuropoortxx90m185m
Dolphins 83 - WestEuropoortxx90m185m
Dolphins 83Europoortxx186m360m
Dolphins 84Europoort115m (PBL)345m
Dolphins 90Maasvlaktexx225m350m
Dolphins 91Maasvlaktexx225m350m
Buoys DordrechtDordrechtx-200m

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Willem Schreij
Willem Schreij
Business Manager STS Operations Industry & Bulk Cargo