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Organisational structure

11 May 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority has an unique organisational structure. It has departments responsible for the development and maintenance of the port and industrial area. In addition, it has commercial departments, responsible for finding and binding companies that conduct their business in the port.

And there is the Harbour Master’s Division. On behalf of the (State) Harbour Master this division performs public duties such as traffic guidance, inspection and incident control. Finally, there are staff departments such as Human Resources, Communications & External Affairs and Procurement.

Organisation chart port of Rotterdam Authority

Infrastructure & Maritime Affairs

The Port Authority is responsible for the development and maintenance of the port and industrial area. These responsibilities lie with the departments of Port Development, Asset Management, Environmental Management and Facilities. The departments are headed by the Director of Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs (COO).

Commercial departments

The commercial departments focus on retaining existing customers, finding new customers and identifying yet unknown customers. The departments work together with customers on an on-going basis to develop new concepts and build business clusters. In addition, the Port of Rotterdam International department operates on a global scale in ports in growth markets. These departments are accountable to the CEO.

Finance and Information Management

The Director Finance and Information Management (CFO) is responsible for finance and funding, information management, risk management and (quality of) decision-making concerning investments.

Harbour Master’s Division

The Harbour Master’s Division occupies a special place in the organisation chart. The (State) Harbour Master performs a large number of public duties, which are assigned to the division by the government and the municipalities of Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Schiedam and Vlaardingen.