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Offshore valley

1 June 2021
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Offshore Valley in Schiedam supports and nurtures the development of high-tech, state-of-the-art offshore energy. A crucial combination of innovative digital design processes and the physical finishing and maintenance of vessels for the offshore industry make Offshore Valley unique.

This combination of top-class expertise and innovation is crucial to sustainability, energy transition and the Next Economy Roadmap, and contributes to the attractiveness of the Rotterdam port areas as a whole.

Source: Offshore Valley

A dynamic cluster

A dynamic cluster of respected and highly-specialised businesses has been providing extensive expertise, innovation and materials to the international offshore industry in the Schiedam port area for many years.

Graphic map showing the activity on the Offshore Valley site in Schiedam

Home of cutting-edge scientific research, Offshore Valley boasts more than 50 renowned offshore businesses and 2,000 engineers, and now forms part of one of the most comprehensive and innovative maritime offshore hotspots in the world, as corroborated by scientific research conducted by Erasmus University. Big names such as Jumbo, Damen, Huisman, Mammoet, RH Marine, SBM Offshore, HSM, Gusto and Wärtsilä, together with many other businesses, give this powerful cluster its unique character. This is where innovation is created!

Attractive climate for establishing a business

The area of Offshore Valley is undergoing extensive development. A comprehensive investment programme with a robust volume of 22M euro is currently being implemented in close collaboration with businesses, partners, the Port of Rotterdam and the Municipality of Schiedam. The investment programme is targeted at the improvement of sustainability and accessibility by the upgrading of infrastructure, improvement of public transport, installation of boarding points for the water coach and water cab, and the laying-out of a cycle path network, together with various forms of collaboration in the field of technical education, expertise and innovation, all of which will also contribute to the safeguarding of a healthy living environment.

A hub with excellent accessibility

With a depth of between 9 and 13 metres, the harbours of the Port of Schiedam not only provide good accessibility for inland shipping vessels, but also for oceangoing vessels. The convenient location on the A4 motorway and the proximity of the InterCity station and the Vijfsluizen tube station in Schiedam centre, together with a dedicated mobility approach, ensure excellent accessibility. Offshore Valley comprises more than 100 hectares, and a few plots are still available. The attractive climate for establishing a business, coupled with good accessibility, makes Offshore Valley a uniquely dynamic location for the commercial provision of maritime services to the offshore industry.

The Port of Rotterdam

The objective of the Port of Rotterdam is the consolidation of its competitive position as a logistics hub and industrial complex at a global level, not only because of its size, but in terms of quality too. The core tasks of the Port of Rotterdam are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port, as well as the upkeep of the smooth and safe handling of shipping operations.