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The Slufter

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It is a natural phenomenon that slow-moving rivers silt up. In order to keep the port basins, waterways and rivers adjacent to the port of Rotterdam navigable, constant dredging is necessary. However, the silt is often contaminated and cannot therefore be dumped at sea or spread on the land.

The Slufter is a 250-hectare depot for contaminated dredged material in the southwest section of the Maasvlakte. The depot has been in use since 1987 to store this dredged material from port basins and the fairway.

As joint managers of the Slufter, the government and the Port of Rotterdam Authority organise the collaboration necessary for the continued operation and maintenance of the depot. The government and the Port Authority can accept batches of contaminated dredged material on their quotas separately. The government manages its quota strategically and the Port of Rotterdam Authority makes part of its quota available commercially.