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Do you have a question about a product or a service in the port of Rotterdam? Read the frequently asked questions.

Are you looking for a company to ship your private or business goods to/from Rotterdam?

Read detailed information about 1,600 companies in and around Rotterdam in the Rotterdam Transport Index.

Do you have a question about the auctioning of containers?

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is not involved in this activity. We advise contacting one or more of the individual container shipping lines via the company Index.

Drones in the port of Rotterdam

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones are becoming increasingly popular. Still, you are not allowed to fly a drone wherever you like. For safety reasons, anyone operating a drone needs to abide by the rules, and in many cases, you need to have a permit. Read more about drones in the port of Rotterdam.

Are you a high school or university student and are you looking for information?

The Educational Information Centre Main Port Rotterdam offers all the information about the port of Rotterdam. Would you like to contact a company in the port? Please visit the Company Index

Due to the many applications and busy work schedule, the Port Authority unfortunately cannot respond to interview requests.

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not share any other data than that available on the Port Authority's website. For more information, please refer to the websites of Statistics Netherlands and Eurostat.

Maasvlakte 2 is interesting for a wide range of educational subjects. As well as lessons in class, you can also visit the FutureLand information centre.

Are you a teacher and would you like to organise an excursion to the port of Rotterdam?

Visit FutureLand information centre

As well as lessons in class, you can also visit the FutureLand information centre. At FutureLand, you and your pupils will be able to discover and experience the port of the future. A special programme has been developed with a presentation and introductory film and an interactive voyage of discovery through the centre at various levels. Check the Study Visit page for more information and the conditions.

Visit the website of the Educational Information Centre Main Port Rotterdam for the options.

Are you looking for vacancies in the port of Rotterdam or the Port of Rotterdam Authority?

Read everything about working in the port and job sites.

Would you like to send the Port of Rotterdam Authority an open application?
Do you have a question about importing and/or exporting private or business goods?

Visit the website of the Dutch Customs Office.

Are you interested in an internship at the Port of Rotterdam Authority?

Check our vacancies on Carrière en vacatures (only Dutch)
or upload your CV in PDF

Are you interested in a tour of the port and are you a visitor or tourist?

The Port of Rotterdam has been expanded with the most modern European top location for port activities: Maasvlakte 2. FutureLand information centre is located in the centre of this port area and has views across the container terminals of the future. There’s much to see, do and learn about the construction and design of Maasvlakte 2 in this free information centre. FutureLand is suitable for young and old, for landlubbers and water rats, and port enthusiasts and gamers. You can also visit FutureLand with a group or class and enjoy views of the automatic container transhipment and the world’s biggest container ships. It’s also possible book a presentation and tour with an experienced guide. There is always something to experience in FutureLand's interactive environment!

YOu can also view the options at Spido

Is your company interested in a tour of the port?

Customised tour and bus or boat trip

Transform your meeting or activity into an informative event. Book a tour around FutureLand or a customised presentation about Maasvlakte 2. A FutureLand Express bus tour across the new land and a boat trip through the new ports on the FutureLand Ferry offer unique views of the Port of Rotterdam’s expansion. Our information officer will be delighted to discuss the details with you.

View the options for a tour of the port with a guide (for groups) at Industrieel toerisme.

Are you looking for a unique meeting and reception location?

FutureLand business

FutureLand offers a truly unique meeting and reception location in a very special place, in the heart of Rotterdam’s newest port area. You can use the VIP Deck; the comfortable area at the top of the information centre. The glass wall offers non-stop views across the development of the world’s most modern port area. And with the most innovative container terminals at your feet, this inspiring environment guarantees that your event will be a success.


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