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RoRo: Roll-on Roll-off

11 May 2021
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Roll-on Roll-off, or Ro-Ro, stands for transport of rolling cargo that is shipped overseas and unloaded via ship doors or slipways. The port of Rotterdam is an important logistics hub for import and export of Ro-Ro cargo. A great diversity of cargo is brought in and shipped out on trailers (both guided and unguided) by Ro-Ro vessels.

On a daily basis, Ro-Ro terminals connect Rotterdam with various ports in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, and the Iberian Peninsula, for accompanied and unaccompanied transport.

Rotterdam in top 3 ferry ports

Rotterdam is one of the top 3 ferry ports of Western Europe. Five terminals facilitate the efficient processing and are connected to Europe’s transportation network. Various terminals have access to an on-site rail terminal and connect Rotterdam with, among others, Poland, Germany and Italy. The high efficiency and accessibility of these terminals make it possible to deliver cargo until shortly before departure. Obviously, the fact that they can make use of the existing, very strong hinterland network of the port of Rotterdam is a great help.

Ro-Ro terminals in Rotterdam

Check the map to see where Ro-Ro terminals in Rotterdam are located, and which connections they offer.

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Roro terminals

  • Terminals met spoor
  • Terminals zonder spoor

Other Roll-on Roll-off services

Check the other Roll-on Roll-off services to and from the breakbulk terminals.


Roll-on Roll-off services from Rotterdam to Tananger, Haugesund and Bergen (Norway).

Smyrill Line

Roll-on Roll-off services from Rotterdam to Tórshavn, Torlakshöfn and Hirtsalls.


Roll-on Roll-off services from Rotterdam to Santander, Pasajes and Zeebrugge.

Mann Lines

Roll-on Roll-off services from Rotterdam to Harwich, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Paldiski and Turku.

Just-in-Time delivery

Aside from trailer cargo (Ro-Ro), several vessels and terminals are also equipped for handling containers. The high efficiency and accessibility of these terminals make it possible to deliver cargo until shortly before departure. The departure times of Rotterdam’s Ro-Ro services are focused on an optimally efficient supply chain.

Loaded at night means delivered to the destination in the morning, and vice versa. Ro-Ro transport is the solution for a great diversity of cargo. Just-in-Time is a key characteristic of Ro-Ro, for Just-in-Time delivery of, for instance, food. But Ro-Ro also offers a suitable solution for transport of cargo like office supplies, chemical products, excavators and, for example, building materials.


Automotive breakbulk

Rotterdam’s Brittanniëhaven boasts a specialised car terminal. This terminal is the site for (among other things) inspections, assembly of parts, and removal of transport securing devices. At this terminal, cars are prepared for sale and use.

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