Arrival of bridges for Theemswegtracé

22 July 2019
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On Monday morning 22 July, the first parts of a steel arch bridge arrived at the Rozenburg lock on pontoons. The other parts of this bridge will arrive later in July. At the location next to the lock, these bridge sections will be built into an arched bridge, with a single span of 172.8 m. The total length of the bridge is 176.8 m. The bridge is intended for the Theemswegtracé. There will be a total of two arched bridges in this section.

Arrival of bridges for Theemswegtracé

In August, parts of the second steel arched bridge will be delivered to the construction site near the Thomassentunnel. This bridge will also be built there. It concerns an arched bridge with a main span of 156.1 m and bridges of 56.6 and 52.4 m respectively. The total length of the bridge is 269.1 m. This bridge will be quite prominently in sight from next year, because from April road traffic will pass underneath the A15.

Both bridges will have their final location in the spring of 2020. The construction of the Theemsweg route is still going according to plan. The first train is expected to pass by the end of 2021.


In the Rotterdam port area, the harbour railway, the first part of the Betuweroute, will be relocated. The new 4-kilometre stretch of track, the Theemsweg route, will be completed at the end of 2021 and will provide a solution to the capacity bottleneck at the Caland Bridge near Rozenburg.