GTS starts direct rail connection between Bari and Rotterdam

22 September 2021
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Bron: GTS

Italian rail traction provider and operator General Transport Service (GTS) has started a direct rail shuttle between Rotterdam and Bari, in the south of Italy. The train departs north on Saturdays and reaches its destination within 72 hours.

Electric GTS locomotives

“Our direct service is particularly suited for cargo which needs a very fast transit time, like food and beverage”, explains Nick Ahsman, country manager GTS the Netherlands and Belgium. “But via Bari we also have a very good connection with Turkey to import textile.” The Bari-Rotterdam express has a capacity of 33 x 45 ft box containers in both directions. 

The direct rail shuttle comes in addition to the existing services from Bari to Segrate (close to Milan) and Piacenza, indirectly connecting to Rotterdam. Nick Ahsman: “We expect a further growth to and from Rotterdam because it is the gateway to the United Kingdom, Ireland and north-west Europe. In general, we notice that road transport is suffering a lot of the lack of drivers in Europe. This will have a positive effect on rail transportation, which – looking at CO2 reduction – is definitely a win-win situation.”

23 Locomotives

GTS was founded in 1977 and is now led by CEO Alessio Muciaccia. The company started its first national train in 1992 and rails internationally since 2007. At the moment 40 intermodal national trains per week are operated on Adriatic lines and another 20 on Tirrenic lines. Internationally GTS connects Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany by more than 40 trains per week, also reaching the UK, Ireland, Turkey and Greece via ferry services. The company operates 23 locomotives, over 400 railway wagons and nearly 3000 45 ft containers. GTS employs over 200 people and is headquartered in Bari.