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Futureproof business practice

11 May 2021
How can we help you?

Welcome to the port of the future. Where large and small companies create a new economy. Watch the videos and get inspired.

Green carpet to the future

We roll out the green carpet for entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas. Watch the videos and get inspired.

FLIE: Accelerating innovation
Battolyser®: Battery and hydrogen plant combined
RanMarine: WasteShark
Tetrahedron: Tall, taller, tallest
Coastruction: 3D-printed reefs
X-Laboratory: Install wind turbines safely and fast in a choppy sea
RoyalRoos: 3D printing with (industrial) waste
Zepp.Solutions: Vehicles on hydrogen
WattLab: Solar panels on inland waterway vessels
Stadshaven Brewery: Circular brewing
Flower Turbines: Wind turbines for the built environment

Think big

To create the port of the future, it is crucial to think big. These companies are doing just that. Do you dare to #thinkbig?

Heat batteries help industry become more sustainable
Sustainability in the maritime sector
Creating a positive impact on the planet
Frontrunners in the energy transition