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De industrie gaat stap voor stap naar CO₂-neutraal

11 May 2021
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Port businesses are preparing and successfully investing in a future-proof, clean port. And it’s paying off. Innovations are being tested in practice, new technologies are being implemented, and existing companies are starting to collaborate with new ones. In addition, we take measures to minimise emissions in the short term.

That energy transition is already in full swing in the port of Rotterdam shows the large number of projects.


Check out the top 15 energy and raw material transition projects in no particular order and their progress on the map.

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Energy transition projects

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Pillars Status


  •   1 - Efficiency and infrastructure
  •   2 - A new energy system
  •   3 - A new raw material and fuel system
  •   4 - Sustainable transport

Status of projects

  •   Operational
  •   In progress
  •   In preparation

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The energy transition is gathering steam, developments sometimes move at lightning speed. Do you miss a project or see information that is out of date? Let us know.