Launching Joint Study Framework and MoU for Ammonia Bunkering Safety

6 April 2022
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ITOCHU Corporation has launched the Joint Study Framework for Ammonia Bunkering Safety. JSF for Ammonia Bunkering Safety is a framework for sharing issues and knowledge on safety and guidelines for ammonia bunkering, with the aim of social implementation of ammonia use as a marine fuel, together with 16 companies and organizations.

Bunkering in Rotterdam
Photo: Kees Torn


Those who have now joined this JSF for Ammonia Bunkering Safety are: Brunsbüttel Ports, Germany; the French Navy Fire Brigade of Marseille; Fundación Valenciaport, Spain; Great Port of Marseille, France; HAROPA PORT, France; Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore; Port Authority of Huelva, Spain; Port Authority of Valencia, Spain; Port of Algeciras, Spain; Port of Rotterdam Authority, Netherlands; ENEOS Ocean Corporation, Japan; Mabanaft, Germany; Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Japan; Navigator Gas, UK, Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC), Japan; and ITOCHU Corporation. In addition, Ports and Harbours Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Japan and the Embassy of France to Singapore are planned to participate as observers, which demonstrating the high expectations and interest in the use of ammonia as a marine fuel.

Second phase

This JSF for Ammonia Bunkering Safety is the second phase following the existing Joint Study Framework launched in 2021 by 34 companies and organizations, including ITOCHU and focuses on sharing issues and knowledge related to safety assessment and bunkering guidelines for supply of ammonia fuel for marine use among port authorities, bunkering related players and research institutions. ITOCHU expects stimulation of further discussions on safety guidelines in the competent authorities in each country in the future.


This JSF for Ammonia Bunkering Safety will not only share knowledge among participants, but will also establish collaborations with the existing Joint Study Framework of 34 companies and organizations, and will also seek to share opinions, views, expertise and experience from a wide range of relevant ammonia producers, research institutions and financial institutions.


The JSF for Ammonia Bunkering Safety and the Memorandum of Understanding are important milestones for the social implementation of the use of ammonia as marine fuel on a global scale, which is a new challenge for maritime stakeholders. Also, this is an important step in the further promotion and realization of the 'Integrated Project' of ITOCHU with partner companies, which consists of the development of ammonia fueled ships and the establishment of a global ammonia supply chain. For its part, ITOCHU will accelerate the development of sustainable energy systems through these initiatives and ensure its contributions to the SDGs and improvement of related efforts, one of the basic policies laid out in its new medium-term management plan, as the company pursues a low-carbon society.