Part of Maasvlakte Beach temporarily closed to the public

27 August 2020
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On 1 September, contractor PUMA will set to work at Maasvlakte 2’s leisure beach, nourishing parts of the beach via sand replenishment.

Hikers at Maasvlakte Beach

The contractor will start along the nudist beach to the north of the P1 parking lot on Maasvlakteboulevard. Over the course of around five days, PUMA will deposit sand along the section running from the outer edge of the nudist beach to the area near the lifeguard station. Lots P1 and P2 will be closed several days next week in connection with this work. P3 will stay open as usual.

Over the past few weeks, PUMA has executed similar activities along the northern stretch of Maasvlakte Beach. In spite of the fine weather, there were no incidents to speak of.