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Theemsweg route bridges assembled

05 December 2019
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On Wednesday, 4 December between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm, the final arc section of the future Theemsweg route steel bridge was lifted at Thomassen tunnel. The two arched bridges on the pre-construction site are ready to be transported by road to their position in the coming spring. This will take place in March for the bridge at Rozenburgsesluis and two months later for the bridge at Thomassentunnel. The consortium is using the interim period for further finishing and welding works, pouring concrete for the bridge columns, and the curing of the bridge bearing.

Arched bridge Theemsweg Route port of Rotterdam

The bridge is an arched bridge with a span of 156.1 m and a total length, including ramps, of 269.1 m. This bridge will be in a prominent position from next year as, after the spring, traffic will be driving on the A15 beneath it. The total length of the other arched bridge at Rozenburgsesluis is 176.8 m. The construction of the Theemsweg route is still running entirely on schedule, and the first train is expected to run across this by the end of 2021.

Arched bridge Theemsweg Route port of Rotterdam

Theemswegtracé (Theemsweg Route)

In the Rotterdam port area, the first section of the Betuwe Route, the Port Railway line, is to be diverted. The new over 4-kilometre section of track, the Theemsweg route, will be completed by end 2021 and will help resolve the capacity bottleneck at Calandbrug near Rozenburg.