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Improving logistics processes

11 May 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority adds value for its supply chain partners by facilitating and boosting the exchange of supply chain information.

The logistics industry is a huge source of data, yet therein lies the greatest challenge. Each link in the supply chain has its own piece of data. The greatest benefits can be achieved if the entire chain is made transparent; however, this will necessitate the sharing of data.

Investing in data

We assume an active role in making data and information available, and by developing applications that can benefit the logistics chain and our clients. We do this through such things as investing in obtaining the required data and working with our partners on digital services and products. Examples of digital services and products where supply chain information come together can be found here on our website: Services



In Routescanner you can view and compare the various door-to-door container transport routes.


Port Call Optimisation