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Agricultural bulk discount

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By offering frequency discounts, the port of Rotterdam encourages charterers of agricultural bulk vessels to choose the port of Rotterdam as the port of call. Depending on the number of calls per year, these agricultural bulk discounts may reach between 10 and 25 per cent on port dues already paid.

The agricultural bulk discounts apply to seagoing vessels with a gross tonnage of 10,000 or more that load and/or unload agricultural bulk in Rotterdam.

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Determine the amount of the agricultural bulk frequency discounts

Number of annual callsDiscount (in %)Applicable calls
1 - 5--
6 - 1010,01 - 10
11 - 2010,01 - 10
15,011 - 20
21-5010,01 - 10
15,011 - 20
20,021 - 5-
51 - >10,01 - 10
15,011 - 20
20,021 - 50
25,051 - >

Granting agricultural bulk discounts

Discounts are granted to the charterer only upon written request and retrospectively and are calculated based on the number of annual calls attributable to the charterer. Consequently, the discount is not based on the individual seagoing vessel. The request for a discount needs to be accompanied by the appropriate charter parties or similar documents.

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Aranka van Strien
Aranka van Strien
Business Manager Dry Bulk