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State Inspection Terminal

11 May 2021
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The State Inspection Terminal Rotterdam (S.I.T.) at Maasvlakte allows Dutch Customs to effectively handle the increased volume of containers put through the port of Rotterdam. Remote scanning and advanced planning tools have made the container handling process considerably more efficient.

Positive stimulus

The swift and efficient handling of cargo forms a positive stimulus for logistics service providers, shippers and other companies working in the Rotterdam port area.

Remote scanning

With the commissioning of the scanning system on Delta Schiereiland, each of the container terminals on Maasvlakte now has its own on-site scans. The containers can presently be scanned at the terminals themselves, after which the images are analysed at RIT. This remote scanning procedure facilitates the swift, efficient and safe handling of containers.

Container scan


Together, the new State Inspection Terminal Rotterdam, CER and Maasvlakte Plaza have turned Maasvlakte into a showpiece for advanced port logistics. This combination forms a safeguard for reliable chains, lower costs and shorter lead times – both today and in years to come.

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Maasvlakte Plaza truck parking


Rotterdam is an ideal base of operations for the import and export of goods to and from Europe. The port of Rotterdam is recognised as an EU external border. This means that once cargo has been cleared by customs in Rotterdam, it may be freely transported throughout the EU’s other member states. Dutch Customs bears responsibility for the customs clearance of goods entering or leaving Europe via Rotterdam. It is known as one of the world’s most efficient customs agencies.