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Corporate Citizenship

11 May 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority is a socially engaged organisation that wants to make a constructive contribution to the city of Rotterdam across the full spectrum of its activity. Both in the port and industrial area itself, but also very much in terms of a liveable city and its inhabitants.

Our purpose – Connecting the world, building tomorrow’s sustainable port – is what guides us in choosing sponsoring, subsidies and personnel deployment for projects related to education and employment, connection between city and port, sports, recreation and culture.


The Port of Rotterdam Authority invests heavily in the city of Rotterdam and its connection with its port. The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s purpose is what guides new partnerships. We acknowledge the importance of the SDGs and select projects that are relevant to the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The Port of Rotterdam Authority takes the initiative for sponsoring as much as possible. We also like to keep a focus in our sponsoring activities. We sponsor Rotterdam icons where the themes of leadership, working on a world class port and caring about the environment play a role.

Destination Port City at the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum Rotterdam: ‘Bestemming Havenstad’ (Destination Port City)

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, in 2022 it is sponsoring the Destination Port City exhibition which is running for several years. Visitors here will discover the past, present and future of Rotterdam. The exhibition is a journey through time that showcases how the city and port have influenced one another and are inextricably linked. There is an audio tour for children. (Photo: Marco de Swart / Maritime Museum Rotterdam)

Philharmonic orchestra

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

This orchestra travels all around the globe from its home port of Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam Authority sponsors the orchestra with compensation for travel costs and combines business travel with clients around the world with attendance at concerts by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The partnership of many years has also resulted in a special port tune that is used on various different occasions and activities of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Young fan waves to the helicopter during World Port Days 2022

World Port Days

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, along with the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Royal Netherlands Navy, is a founding father of the World Port Days that are held in the first full weekend each September. With unusual vessels, thrilling excursions and spectacular sights on the water, but also online, the general public gets to see the importance of the port for the Dutch and European economies – for almost 50 years now. In the last few years, there have been increasingly more activities specifically aimed at young people to help them experience the port, and also for Education and Employment Market reasons.

North Sea Jazz festival

North Sea Jazz Festival

The North Sea Jazz Festival takes place each year at Ahoy Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has been one of the sponsors of the North Sea Jazz Festival since 2013, and it is an occasion where we host clients and key stakeholders every day.

The Haaibaai of Diergaarde Blijdorp

Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo)

This zoo is iconic in Rotterdam and beyond. For many years now, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has been donating port materials for Diergaarde Blijdorp to re-use. That’s how the monkeys received their trees and ropes. The Port of Rotterdam Authority also gave Blijdorp the old inland vessel ‘De Haaibaai’, which brings in clean sea water for the animals in the Oceanium. The project organisation behind Maasvlakte 2 previously donated solar panels to the zoo. A few years ago, a first contribution was made towards the exhibition called “ZOO veel plastic” (SOO much plastic) in het Oceanium.

Diergaarde Blijdorp has developed a propagation system with floating nurseries to allow larvae of marine organisms to be propagated not only in aquariums, but also in reefs. The propagation system gives the larvae in the reef a better chance of survival and this means reefs can be better protected. This is a contribution towards saving the ecosystem in the Caribbean. The system is being tested at RDM and the Rotterdam initiative is being supported by the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

DeltaPORT Donation Fund

The DeltaPORT Donation Fund is the “neighbourhood fund” for Rotterdam’s port. With the fund, the port’s business community and the Port of Rotterdam Authority together are demonstrating their social engagement by making financial donations to non-profit organisations that operate in the fields of culture, welfare, sports and recreation in the immediate area surrounding Rotterdam’s port and industrial area.

Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee

The Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee supports projects and initiatives for the benefit of the welfare of seafarers in Rotterdam. Volunteer organisations, churches and entrepreneurs that want to do something for seafarers can access this support. The Rotterdam Port Welfare Committee is a joint initiative of Deltalinqs, Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents (VRC) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Rotterdam Port Fund

The Rotterdam Port Fund is used to promote projects aiming to improve the quality of the living environment. Municipalities in the Rotterdam area can submit projects to the fund if they make some contribution towards improving the quality of the environment or the area. The quality of the environment relates in practice to matters such as air quality, noise pollution, smell, soil and water quality. The quality of the area relates to matters such as liveability (social or otherwise), landscape, nature and biodiversity and health in the Rotterdam region. A contribution from the Rotterdam Port Fund is limited to a maximum of 40% of the total project costs.

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