Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam in 2022

15 March 2021
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In 2022 the ‘Breakbulk Europe’ conference will be held in Rotterdam. It is something the united forces of Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam Partners, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Promotion Council and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have been working towards for years. The arrival of the event in Rotterdam will be a great boost to the city, the port and the region as a whole.

SAL Heavy lift

Breakbulk Europe is the largest event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry and is set to draw tens of thousands of people to Rotterdam. It confirms Rotterdam’s status as Europe’s maritime capital and is a boost for the events industry in the region. ‘The arrival of Breakbulk Europe is in keeping with our ambition to become Europe’s leading breakbulk port, and it will provide a great boost for the breakbulk companies in the port,’ said Port Authority Breakbulk Director Danny Levenswaard.

Breakbulk hub

In 2020, Rotterdam handled over six million tonnes of breakbulk. ‘Rotterdam is well known for its specialisation in the heavy-lift and breakbulk sector. We can handle any vessel, of any size and any type. That is why we are seen as the most versatile general breakbulk hub,’ said Levenswaard. ‘There is a good reason why our slogan is “Bigger Better Breakbulk”. I’m looking forward to welcoming our international associates.’

10,000 professionals

Following the cancellations of the 2020 and 2021 exhibitions, Breakbulk Europe will be held in Rotterdam Ahoy next year and, in all likelihood, in 2023 too.’ The exhibition is hosted in the six large halls that are all connected to each other. All (inter) national visitors are welcomed in the impressive new entrance of the building.

Nick Davison, Breakbulk & CWIEME Portfolio Director at Hyve Group PLC: ‘We are excited to work with the Rotterdam alliance, to create a fresh event with new business opportunities for all participants. The exhibition is normally attended by 10,000 professionals from over 120 countries. It is an expo for the industry, offshore wind, oil and gas companies, carriers, ports, logistics companies, specialised freight forwarders and other associated service providers.