Funding awarded to Brielse Meer project

12 June 2020
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The Hollandse Delta Water Board can set to work on various measures intended to improve the supply of fresh water to and from Brielse Meer and the Bernisse waterway. Together with the Delfland Water Authority and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Hollandse Delta had applied to Deltafonds Zoetwater for a grant to fund this project. This funding has now been awarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The Ministry’s allocation of the requested funds underlines the importance of this project.

Brielse Meer
Brielse Meer

Brielse Meer is a major source of fresh water for local water levels and agriculture on Voorne-Putten, water levels and greenhouse horticulture in the Westland area and industrial activity at Europoort/Botlek. The lake is managed by the Hollandse Delta Water Board, which bears responsibility for providing each of the aforementioned parties with sufficient fresh water. Agreements on the respective quota are set out in Overeenkomst Zoetwaterleverantie Brielse Meer/Bernisse 2014 (2014 Agreement on the Brielse Meer/Bernisse Fresh Water Supply).

In recent years – and particularly over the past two, relatively dry summers – it has become clear that the continuous supply of sufficient fresh water should not be taken for granted. That is why the three authorities in question have drawn up a set of measures that will further improve the supply of fresh water from the key fresh water source of Brielse Meer.