Port of Rotterdam Authority presents 2023 annual report

5 March 2024
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The title of the annual report is ‘Connecting the world. Building tomorrow’s sustainable port’. This heading summarises the projects and results and indicates what the Port Authority worked on and will keep working towards: a safe and future-proof port and industrial complex, driven by renewable energy, circular industry and smart and ‘green’ supply chains.

The year 2023 was characterised by geopolitical turmoil, low economic growth and faltering global trade.

The financial results of the Port Authority remained stable. It was also a year that witnessed many important investment decisions and milestones in the transition to a sustainable port. A port where over 3,000 companies operate and smooth and safe handling of shipping is the top priority. Together with local, national and international customers and other stakeholders, the Port Authority invested in creating economic and social value and a better living and working environment for people in Rotterdam and its surroundings. The annual report outlines developments in areas such as logistics, energy transition and digitalisation, but also pays attention to nature in the port and the valuable connection with the city of Rotterdam.