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UK postpones further import controls

The logistics world is awaiting an announcement by the United Kingdom (UK) on further tightening of customs regulations. According to the latest reports, the introduction will start at the end of 2023.

Financial compensation for Brexit costs

Has your business incurred additional costs due to Brexit? Then make use of the compensation scheme now via the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) is implementing two compensation schemes for the BAR in the Netherlands: one for Brexit costs incurred and one for adjustment costs yet to be incurred as a result of Brexit.

Existing customs regulations will remain in force

The customs regulations already introduced earlier by the UK because of Brexit remain in force. You can read the outline thereof here. All customs regulations are detailed in the UK government’s Border Operating Model. Make sure you comply with this. This prevents cargo from stalling at the UK border or even as early as the Dutch port.

Get Ready for Brexit

For fast transport via the Dutch ports, you can find all the information about the new UK customs rules and the chain-wide solution for Brexit on the Get Ready for Brexit website. Deltalinqs, evofenedex, FENEX, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Portbase and TLN have joined forces with the Dutch ferry operators to provide you with up-to-date information. The information is constantly updated and expanded. So keep an eye on the Get Ready for Brexit website or register for the newsletter.

On the website you can also consult the 5-step plan that helps new traders in goods with the United Kingdom to optimally prepare for fast transport via the Dutch ports.

Information for shipping

All ocean shipping should register a call at the Port of Rotterdam with the harbour master in advance. Please click on the links for more information for visiting Sea shipping and inland shipping.

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