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Dry bulk

11 May 2021
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As the largest dry bulk port in Europe, the port of Rotterdam has all the facilities required for the storage and transhipment of dry bulk cargo.

Rotterdam is Europe’s largest dry bulk port, and one with plenty of perspective. This is in part due to the ‘raw materials transition’, whereby for example, waste flows and biomass are being used as sustainable raw materials as an alternative to fossil fuels for fuel production and in the chemical industry.

There is a vast choice of service providers in Rotterdam for every type of dry bulk, from iron ore and grains to biomass, coal and industrial materials. The port offers space and draught for the largest dry bulk vessels and besides the existing terminals, there is also an extensive supply of ship-to-ship transfer facilities.

The advantages of Rotterdam at a glance:

  • Accessibility for even the maximum size dry bulk vessels
  • Vast choice of handling, storage and value-adding service provision
  • Excellent intermodal connections within Europe
  • Extensive supply of ship-to-ship transfer facilities

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Aranka van Strien
Aranka van Strien
Business Manager Dry Bulk